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Our team

Introducing: our hearing care professionals

We are Ali Jonker and Johan Sagel. We are a Dutch couple and have been together for over 30 years. We both have extensive experience as skilled hearing care professionals in various positions. Johan started working as a hearing care professional back in 1997. Ali was introduced to the profession when we started our own hearing aid business together in 2002. Later on Johan gained experience as a district manager with a large hearing aid chain and Ali as a product specialist with an importer of hearing aids.                                                                                    

"We help people with hearing loss to be part of society again and connect people with their families, friends and surroundings."

Ali is a passionate and enthusiastic professional, who has a creative mind and loves swimming. Johan has a lot of expertise and is a real organiser who sees a challenge in everything.  He loves walking and always looks at "the sunny side of live". Partly because we love the sun so much, we decided to start our practice in Xàbia-Jávea, Spanje, in the spring of 2020. Despite the fact that the challenge in this special year turned out bigger than we could have imagined , it has already brought many good things. We give honest and reliable advice and are flexible in our working hours and also in our work location. We want the best for your hearing, thats what we take care of as professionals.

Get in touch with the friendly and professional team now to discuss how you can enjoy the sounds of life again!